On this website I have talked about a number of characters. On this page I have included a short description of some of them to help prevent confusion when reading other sections of the site

The First Evil
The original evil in the Buffy universe. It claims to be part of all humanity made up of every evil impulse. The First is incorporeal and assumes the form of the dead to interact with others. It commands a variety of minions in an attempt to wipe out humanity. There is never any indication that the First is balanced by any counterforce of good and it falls to Buffy and her friends to stop the Firsts plans to wipe out humanity.

The Powers that Be
Little is known about The Powers That Be, though they seem to be a force of good in the world of Buffy. The powers are  opposed to the forces of darkness and they are frequently referred to as higher beings. The powers receive little mention on Buffy and are more developed on the series spinoff Angel. There is never any connection given between the powers and established religion or God. The powers are largely passive with the exception of Jasmine who attempted to make earth a paradise by usurping free will, leading her into conflict with Angel and his allies.

The Knights Of Byzantine
A religious order opposed to a Hell God named Glory that come into conflict with Buffy when they attempt to destroy an item of mystical power that has been transformed into Buffy’s sister. The Knights are portrayed as fanatical and unrelenting in their quest and several are killed in conflict with Buffy. The knights appear to have been wiped out by Glory

The Anointed One
Told of in a prophecy the Anointed One was a young vampire recruited by The Master, who took over after the Master was slain by Buffy. He serves as an example of how deeply involved in ritual the Vampires of Sunnydale were. After he was killed by Spike, the show moved somewhat away from ritual bring such a major part of vampire activity though it still often played a predominant role.

Lorne- A demon of the show Angel who could tell your destiny after hearing you sing, Despite initially being neutral in affairs of good and evil he became an ally of Angel and joined him in his efforts

Clem- A demon on Buffy that served as a friend and sometimes comedic relief

The Watchers- The organization that collects knowledge on demons and uses the Slayer as a weapon against them

The Shadow Men- The creators of the Slayer line and predecessors of the watchers

Buffy Sumers- The Slayer, defender of the Hellmouth and main opponent of the forces of darkness

Potential Slayers- Girls with the chance of becoming Slayers after the death of the current Slayer (Buffy). Buffy and her friend Willow perform a spell that allows all potentials to become Slayers.

Spike and Angel- Vampires that gain souls and become allies of Buffy


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