1:Joss Whedon on Religion and the Importance of Education


I have attached two links to a video of Joss Whedon speaking out about his views on religion and education during a speech he give while accepting an award. I felt that this video was important because he goes into some detail on his personal views of religion. I do not think that it is acceptable to infer that just because Mr Whedon believes something in real life it will influence his work, however I did think it was helpful to find a source where he articulated his own views on his atheism.

2: Joss Whedon Profile

On this site there are comments given by Whedon on the episode amends the episode that has far more overt christian themes then the majority of the series. This site also details how his personal beliefs have played a role in his other works allowing for a contrast with his material in Buffy.

3: The Complete Buffy Episode Guide,

This site lites each episode of Buffy and gives a summary of the events that occur. It is useful for making note of episodes that have a religous undercurrent or deal with the theology of the Buffy Universe to help with my research. Some of the episodes that were most useful for me such as Amen or Conversations with Dead People have several important religous conversations or plot elements and this site is good for providing a quick and concise summary.

4: Good and Evil in Buffy and Angel


Perhaps the most useful internet source I discovered this site is very comprehensive. Divided into a number of sections such as good, evil, religion and others with in depth coverage of each topic. It provides summarries, quotes and analysis of the theologgical issues of the Buffy and Angel universe and lists all characters involved with the topic. A very helpful and informative source.

5: Buffy the Vampire Slayer slaying church attendance among Women



These articles deal with the relationship between television shows like Buffy and the decreasing female church attendence. They are useful for pointing out the positive way Buffy portrays the Wican religion and the effect it has on popular culture. Also important is that the articles deal with the patriarchal problems still enhirent in much of organized Christian religion and since these ideas play a large role in the theological landscape of Buffy these sources are very good for comparison especially in regards to understanding the implications of the Watchers council and the character of Caleb.

6: Religion in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

This site details several examples of the way that themes connecting to religion and morality are carried out on Buffy. It is helpful for breaking examples into short subsections and providing specific details. This site is also good for pointing out how Buffy can be seen as a christ figure something that plays a major role in my research project.

7: Buffy a morality play

The main value of this site is that it takes serveral examples of refences to religous works in Buffy and gives the quote and some background about what is being refrenced. It also provides evidence using several religous based quotes and symbolic actions to argue for Buffy as a christ figure.

8:Being Fred: Coming Out Atheist Among the Faithful


This site has three main points that makes it useful. First of all it goes into detail with explanation about the creation myths of the world in Buffy and how they differ from the biblical account. Secondly the article explains how Joss Whedon’s humanist and atheist beliefs play a role in the theology presented to the audience of Buffy. Finally it describes the events on Angel and the usurping of Frww Will by Jasmine one of the former powers.

9: Joss Whedon Religion

This source is good because it goes into detail on Joss Whedon’s two driving beliefs atheism and humanism. I was not that farmiliar with the concept of humanism and seeing the defition of it helps me understand the way in which he applies this principle to Buffy. Though Buffy does include some religous trapping it is very heavily influenced by these two philoshiphies and so getting direct definitions of them is helpful for my research.

10: What Would Buffy Do? The Vampire Slayer as Spiritual Guide.


This site is only the review of a book based on studying the portrayal of religion in Buffy. However despite that this site raises severa; intrestting points. The most important for my pourposes are the arguments made that while Buffy may not be a very religous show it is a vvery spiritual show.


Alderman ,Naomi anidel-Arpac, Annette. 2003. Imaginary Para-Sites of the Soul: Vampires and Representations of Blackness and Jewishness in the Buffy/Angelverse. Slayage 10 (November): 10-15.

http://www.slayageonline.com/essays/slayage10/Alderman_&_Seidel-Arpaci.htm (Acessed Feb 10th 2010)

This article deals with the role of the soul in regards to the vampires morality. It also deals with the way Buffy the vampire Slayer approachs other religions such as in the case of the Jewish(later Wiccan) character Willow. This is useful because it highlights the diversity of religion involved in the show and the different ways they are approached.

Winslade, J. Lawton. 2001. WinsladeTeen Witches, Wiccans, and Wanna-Blessed-Bes: Pop-Culture Magic in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Slayage 1 (January): 1-7
http://www.slayageonline.com/essays/slayage1/winslade.htm (Accessed Feb 9th)

This article deals with the way that Buffy portrays the Wiccan religion. This is important because the portrayal of Wiccans on the show is one of the aspects most frequently criticysed by religious groups and Buffy is one of the shows that portrays Wicca in a positive light believed to have a role in the declineing female participation in church. The article is descriptive of the magic system in Buffy which is important because when attempting to understand the workings of the Buffy world it is frequently said Its all about power.

Erickson, Greg.2004. “Religion Freaky or a Bunch of Men Who Died? The (A)theology of Buffy. Slayage 13 (October) : 17-23
http://www.slayageonline.com/essays/slayage13_14/Erickson.htm (Accessed Feb 9th)

This article provides a huge amount of information on the religious themes presented in Buffy. It deals with the treatment of religious symbols, the evidernce for and against the existence of God, the way religious rites are presented on the show and gives descriptions of relevant encounters dealing with religion.

Durand, Kevin. 2008. “Are You Ready to Finish This?”: The Battle against the Patriarchal Forces of Darkness. Slayage 28 (Summer): 1-4. http://slayageonline.com/essays/slayage28/Durand.htm (Accessed Feb 10th)

Deals with the patriarchy of the Watchers council and argues that they were never an organization representing good in the cosmic balance but rather simply pawns of the first. Very useful for my purposes because it helps support the argument that Buffy is not a cosmic battle of balance between good ans evil though it is initially framed as such
Badman, Derik A.2008. Rebel Without a God.Slayage 28 (Summer) .http://slayageonline.com/PDF/badman.pdf (Accessed Feb 10th)

Argues that the attitude of Buffy is tied to rebellion both against authority and religion cites examples of conflict and mockery between Buffy and religion and gives context as to the nature of the rebellion.


Davidson, Joy.2007. Psychology of Joss Whedon : an unauthorized exploration of Buffy, Angel, and Firefl. BenBella Books.

This source is good for dealing with several aspects of Buffy theology I have not been able to gain sufficent information on through other means. One of the primary things that is important is the role played by free will in the Buffy universe were the future can be pre determined and prophecy depicts future events.

Wilcox, Rhonda.2002. Fighting the forces : what’s at stake in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Rowman & Littlefield.

This source consists of a number of critical essays and many of them are useful in regards to understanding the religous themes of the Buffy universe. Some of the things that I find this source useful for are articles dealing with the implications of Buffy being choosen as they slayer and what that means about the role of higher powers and her own moral situation. Also the role of religion in society in the world of Buffy and articles focusing on the origins and treatment of vampires. These are important since the origin of the vampire is tied in with a creation mythology directly in contrast to the established christian view of the world begenning as a paradise.

Wilcox, Rhonda.2005. Why Buffy matters : the art of Buffy the vampire slayer. I.B. Tauris.

This source provides a comprehensive analysis of many major aspects of the theological set up of the Buffy universe. Some of the topics that this source provides helpful analysis and information on include the treatment of organized religion in the Buffy universe, the views given towards God and his role and the meaning and importance of the soul in regards to the vampire and morality.


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