In season 5 we are introduced to Glory who is described as a Hell God. However beyond greater power then we see attributed to other demons we see little to differentiate her from other forces Buffy faces. Glory is worshipped by demonic servants but this seems to be purely out of awe for her power. She is in fact incredibly materialistic and in many cases could be described as stupid. She is opposed by an order of knights who swear allegiance to God but there is no indication that she faces any kind of divine opposition. It is established in Buffy there are a multitude of hell dimensions and it seems that Hell God is simply a title given to those who rule them. Glory ultimately is a physical opponent defeated by physical force and the title of God seems to be merely an indication of her power.

Feel terror at the sight of
Glory Hell God

The Knights of Byzantine supposedly
a force for good but ultimately zealots

Likewise in season 7 we are introduced to the First the living manifestation of all evil. The First refers to itself as being part of all humanity the evil in everyone. The First is served by Caleb a twisted preacher figure who quotes scripture while engaging in acts of brutal murder. Despite the cosmic nature of the First we are given no counterforce to balance it. As there are no good gods shown to counterbalance Glory there is no first good to oppose this evil.In both cases we are presented with a cosmic evil that threatens the fate of the world and yet there is a curious lack of response. In both seasons any religious elements are negative. The knights who oppose Glory are zealots; the only mention of a higher power in season 7 is by Caleb who worships the First. It is purely humanity that must deal with these threats. Connections to the cosmic or divine are only tied to the powers of darkness and religion is either tied to misguided zealots like the knights or outright evil like Caleb.

Featured in the picture is an example of the joining between the First Evil and Caleb, which he describes as a religious experience.

There are hints at cosmic forces that serve the greater good but these are often given little more than lip service and they do not play a prominent role on the show. There is slightly more indication of cosmic forces of good on the series spinoff Angel in the form of the Powers That Be, higher beings that oppose the forces of darkness however the powers are often passive and their seeming disregard for human life leads Angel and many of the other characters to question wither they even care about people or are simply interested in some greater cosmic picture. This attitude is reinforced when we finally are exposed to one of the powers in the form of the character Jasmine and find out that her idea of saving humanity involves doing away with free will.


Ultimately any time the characters encounter a divine Presence in Buffy or Angel it ultimately turns out to be an antagonist or a foe to be opposed. In the world of Buffy there is no divinity and the only gods you are likely to encounter have just risen from hell


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